Nadav Cohen


Nadav Cohen, Ph.D.
School of Mathematics
Institute for Advanced Study
Princeton, New Jersey
Office: MOS-106, 1 Einstein Dr, Princeton, NJ



My research focuses on the theoretical and algorithmic foundations of deep learning. In particular, I am interested in the application of tensor analysis for the study of convolutional network architectures.

Publications (see also Google Scholar)

Selected Talks

  • Mathematics of Deep Learning Workshop 2017 (Berlin): [slides]

  • AAAI Spring Symposium Series 2017 (Palo Alto): [slides]

  • CVPR 2017 (Honolulu): [slides]

  • GAMM 2017 (Weimar): [slides]

  • NIPS 2016 (Barcelona): [slides]

  • ICML 2016 (New York City): [video|slides]

  • COLT 2016 (New York City): [video|slides]